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Tyres Guildford - Looking for Tyres in Guildford?


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We supply and fit tyres from all major manufacturers at our service centre in Guildford.


Your tyres constitute the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Therefore it is important you maintain the condition and performance of your tyres.


To do this we recommend you check your tyre pressure and tread depths on a weekly basis, which is available free of charge at our service centre in Guildford.


If it is agreed that you need replacement tyres we have a wide range in stock for you from small car, light van to 4x4. 


It is also very important that valves are changed each time tyre fitting takes place. Air will slowly leak from damaged valves leaving you with a deflated tyre, which can be very dangerous. It is also quite difficult to pick up so we advise you have the valves changed when having tyres fitted in Guildford.


The last thing we recommend is tracking/wheel alignment. We offer free wheel balancing checks at our service centre in Guildford as settings can come out of line. If your tracking/wheel alignment is out then it can cause premature tyre wear, steering vibration, left or right veering and general discomfort.



Contact us today for your free tyre check and wheel balancing, all from our service centre in Guildford.





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